Designing Your Opt-in Freebie

How are you doing with your freebies? I hope you actually started something.

Today we’ll be discussing simple + cool ways to design and decorate your opt in freebies. Don’t forget the point of this is making something fast and cool, so I won’t be going into serious details about design, as I’m not anywhere near being a professional graphic designer. If you’re looking for something on the fancy side, hire a designer.

There are simple ways you can design your opt in freebie, especially if you’re using a pdf format. The good ol’ Ms Word in itself has different tools you can use to design your freebie. My favorite ones are the cover page, header and footer, smart art, chart, hyperlinks, and clip arts.

You can edit the cover page and make it look decent and professional, add your website URL as the footer, and add fluff with the other tools I mentioned above.

Another useful tool worth mentioning is Canva, which is one of the coolest design platforms around. You can do pretty much everything with Canva, including even designing a pdf inside the platform itself. Canva makes everything easy for people like me who are not designers, you just grab a layout and edit to your heart’s desire.

A similar software to Canva is PicMonkey, which is also worth checking out. You can use it to pretty up your images, add text, and other cool effects like overlays, characters etc. For a comprehensive tutorial on how to create your own images and make them beautiful and shareable, check out this post by Lis Dingjan.

If you’re looking for a Photoshop alternative, then you should check out GIMP. It’s really cool photo/graphic software which can pretty much do everything Photoshop can do. If not, it’s really close. It is open source and you can download anytime if that’s your thing.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably need stock photos for either blogging about your freebie, sharing on social media, using it for the design cover, or even using for designing the freebie itself. Sandee Jackson here gives a comprehensive list of free resources for high quality stock photos.



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