Different Brand Research Methods To Consider

You cannot develop an effective brand strategy without conducting a really good research. It is practically impossible. This is where many beginner marketers fail as they either do not know how to do brand research or they just fail in making this as effective as it should be. Thankfully, there are various brand research methods that can be considered. Let’s discuss some that are very effective and that you should always consider when creating a really good brand strategy.


Surveys have always been effective when research was needed as it offers valuable information about how the consumer views product categories and brands. It does not matter where your brand is at the moment in terms of stage as valuable information can always be gained.

Nowadays, online surveys are more popular but based on business type, you can still go for telephone or in-person. Just remember that all have some sort of biases that have to be taken into account.

Through a survey you can receive a quantitative insight into various aspects important for brand research or simply understanding what a customer wants.

The most well-known platform available for online surveys at the moment is Survey Monkey.

Focus Groups

When you bring a group of customers into a focus group you can easily get some information that will help you out a lot for business growth and branding. This is especially the case when open-ended questions are asked since you gain much deeper opinions, emotional responses and perceptions in relation to a service, product or brand.

An example of a great online research option that was recently launched was one by Twitter where you can get 12,000 users in a fast research panel. Brands can thus easily reach many consumers and understand what they think about a product or a campaign. You would use such a service during or before a campaign. The focus group quickly obtains insights with limited resources.

Company Employees

Costumer facing employees have really good insight into what the customer believes about the brand. Account managers, customer service representatives, shop assistants and salespeople always have stories that have to be taken into account during a brand research stage.

Social Networks

So often we see brand managers neglect social networks as they are doing brand research. This is a mistake since the data that is obtained is really valuable. When properly used, social intelligence will offer quantitative and qualitative data. Conversations have an organic element attached so response bias is reduced. As everything happens online it is also easier to use a higher conversations volume. Methodology needs to be devised in order to answer questions in a way that is usable for the brand but this is not as hard to be done as many imagine.


Now you have access to many useful brand research methods that can easily be used, especially because of the internet. It is up to the brand to find the option that is the best. For this though, professional input is usually necessary.


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