Ten Tips For Advertising on a Budget

It does not have to be expensive to advertise. Here are ten tips that can help a small firm like yours to advertise inexpensively.

1. Use Your Local Press

Featuring in a local paper will get you in front of a good amount of locals, where it is a simple classified advert or a successful press release. Classified advertising starts at around 20GBP and PR is free.

2. Do a Contra Deal

Get in touch with some of the local business owners around you and discuss advertising on each others business websites. Businesses that complement each other, for example light fitting shops and electricians, or clothing stores and beauty salons, can really lend each other a helping hand.

3. Use Free Notice Boards

A surprisingly large amount of people will see a small printed ad placed on your local community centre or supermarket notice boards and it’s usually free. You can get an affordable whiteboard at Jansen-Display.co.uk and create a heading that draws attention, add an image, and attract the attention of browsers by focusing on your USP.

4. Use Business Cards More Often

When it comes to reinforcing word-of-mouth advertising, business cards can be very useful. Always carry plenty on you and your contacts two, one for them to keep and the other for them to pass on.

budget advertising graphic

5. Print and Pass Out Flyers

Passing out flyers that have a business name, USP as well as contact details will bring in the customers. For two hundred and fifty flyers, printing starts around 70GBP, if you choose to have them designed, than a one-off cost should be added, let’s say around 200GBP. Exchange your flyers with other businesses, for example if you are a photographer, with a wedding venue.

6. Give Away Brand Merchandise

There are many merchandising ideas that fit all budgets. Opt for items that are useful and will actually be used, for example key rings, pens, t-shirts and mugs, and at every opportunity give these to suppliers and customers.

7. Sponsor a Local Sports Team

Generally a small team will be more than happy to have your logo on their shirts in exchange for some kit %u2014 on top if that, your community identity will be reinforced by supporting your local side. You can get fourteen shirts for as little as 150GBP, if you opt for a full kit however, it will be closer to 500GBP.

8. Use Public Transport

Taxi, train and bus companies all carry advertising posters in their stations and their vehicle; this is seen by thousands of people. A proper advert on a billboard or a poster panel at a local bus shelter may not be as expensive as you think.

9. Brand Your Business Vehicle

You can establish a strong presence in your community simply by carrying your logo as you drive. You can get a small panel starting at around 150GBP; plus a vehicle wrap, however this will be seen by hundreds of thousands of individuals and will last for five years.

10. Use Social Media to Advertise

Advertising opportunities on Facebook are being used more and more often by small firms. It offers a variety of targeting options which include demographics, location and interest guaranteeing that you ad will reach your target audience.


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