What Are The Various Kinds Of Bank Loans Available In The Market?

Before we even look into enumerating the forms of bank loans in the marketplace, let us first identify what a bank loan is.

A bank loan is the money loaned at interest by bank companies to debtors, to be paid just before or on the predetermined date. Usually bank businesses require that the individual or business provides collateral for the bank loan. There are bank companies that do not offer lending options to start-up businesses with weak profitability as such companies are often perceived as high-risks.

What are the kinds of bank loans?

types of loans

Start-Up Loans:
Are you thinking about a new business idea? Or have you been improving a business for less than twenty-four months now? If you’re looking for finance and support to help develop your business, then start-up loans can be your perfect solution. Don’t let the absence of capital stop you from pursuing a new business.

Micro Loans:
For the benefit of Small Medium Enterprises (SME), the government of Singapore has launched several initiatives for the SMEs to have better usage of funding. One of which is Micro Loan Programme (MLP). This solution allows small to medium businesses to make use of the money for their regular operations. Whether business owners need money to automate or update factory and products, Micro Loan Programme can be of great help.

Business Loans:
This type of loan is great for small businesses that need capital for several purposes. Business loans are usually suitable for companies that have been in the business for more than a year, and are transitioning from expansion to prosperity stage. The capital from the lender will be utilized to develop process efficiency or take on more work that can help improve the business’ profit.

Alternative Financing:
If the loan types mentioned above do not suit your requirements, then maybe you should look into alternative financing. This type of answer is provided outside traditional finance institutions that a lot of low-income individuals trust. Some owners resort to check-cashing outlets, money transmitters, car title lenders, or payday loan stores in able to gain funds for their business.

Corporate Insurance:
Corporate Insurance is acquired to protect companies from losses during events that can occur if the business fails to grow. Some sorts of corporate insurance are also capable of safeguarding individuals involved in the company itself.


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