Why Blogs Are the Backbone of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Are you a small business? Or a multinational organization? Or a micro firm? Don’t bother answering! Whatever size your organization is, blogs are the torch bearers of your content marketing strategy. 

Let me ask you a question – What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of creating a website? I am sure most of you would feel that “Let’s make a beautiful website, content is secondary.”

Pop! *Bubble Breaker ahead* Wondering why? Read on…

Yes, having a beautiful and attractive website is important, but without quality blogs, all your effort would go down the drain. The most important thing that you need to know is that having a good-looking website does not mean it will be seen. To be visible to the right kind of audience, you need to show on top of the search results. And, to show up at the top, search engines need to know what your website is about. How do search engines come to know that? – Through blogging, quality blogging

So, what does quality blogging include? There are a host of things that make your blog a quality blog like inserting proper alt-tags, breaking the content into simple sentences, proper meta description, proper synonym keywords, relatable meta description, etc. If you take care of all these things, your blog is good to go.

Another important reason why you need a strong content marketing strategy is because you need to serve the readers what they devour.

Components like visuals, videos, designs and infographics all play a secondary role, content is the king, creativity is its queen.

The key to a successful content marketing strategy is having a relevant keyword-rich blog which engages your audience and also persuades them to take action.

Your consumers are gaining information

information online

You have a content marketing strategy and a visitor comes to your website. If he does not find relevant content in your blogs, he might never want to come back. If your consumers are not gaining anything by visiting your website, they already have a notion that there is nothing worthy in your blog. And, voila! There goes a potential customer.

The bottom line is, if your content does not have the right kind of information, you can bid goodbye to your idea. 

An Effective Design 

So, your content is good, but how will your blog really look effective? 

A picture is worth a thousand words.” and “The first impression is the last impression”

According to statistics, your website has between one to five seconds to retain a website visitor. If you think of it, it takes at least 5 seconds to read a title. Basically, it is important for you to gain the visitors attention otherwise you lose them to a competitor. Yes, not only another website but to a competitor.

This is where the design of your blog comes into the picture. It is the first thing a visitor sees and creates an impression in his mind. Besides the design, the way you formulate the title (it must interest the reader), the way you start the blog/ introduction (it be comprehensive), the images in the blog (should generate curiosity among the reader) and the content (must be easy to understand) are all important factors. If it is good, the consumer would stay, otherwise, say bye to a potential customer already!

Customer Engagement

It is not easy to attract consumers to your website when there are millions of websites just like yours. Customers would look forward to following your website if your website is engaging. You can engage the consumer by adding intriguing visuals like videos, pictures, illustrations etc. Or you can add real-life inspirational stories which the common man can relate to. It is very excessively significant for consumers to engage with your blog to ensure your blog reaches somewhere.

Building Brand Loyalty

While you write a blog, there is an option for the readers to comment; make sure you reply to your readers. Why, you ask? The answer is simple- Brand Loyalty! If you reply to the consumer, they feel as if you have made them a part of the brand and they are like family. This approach makes both potential as well as existing consumers loyal to the brand as they feel a sense of attachment.

DID YOU KNOW: Having an active brand makes Google happy! —–Google is happy, you show up in the results——-This ultimately leads to more traffic on your website!

You could Go Viral

Brands and websites spend a huge amount of money on marketing their product. What if you don’t have to do that? If your blog has relevant content, who knows readers might share it a zillion times? In fact, here is a real life example of the same. There is a page by the name of Planet Prudence run on Instagram. Though the page is not a content based page, it was promoted with the help of content. Boredpanda.com wrote an article on the illustration based Instagram page and just in a span of 10 days, the page gained millions of followers. This is what good content can do for your website and boost your content marketing strategy as well. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Small Takeaways!

  1. Make your title interesting- It intrigues your reader.
  2. Your featured image must be an eye catcher- The reader must want to read the article after seeing it.
  3. The On-Page SEO should be up to the mark- Take care of the alt-tags, Meta description and all other components.
  4. Use Synonym Keywords in your blog- They are good for SEO rankings.
  5. Remember content is the king- Make sure it is well-written and is easy to gauge for the reader.
  6. Let your blog take time. Sometimes, it is only helping your content.

DID YOU KNOW: An average blog post takes more than 3 hours to write and the number of bloggers who spend more than 6 hours on a post have doubled in a year. (It is increasing by 26% every year.)

Blogs open up ‘a world without borders’

Just give it a thought- You have a good strategy, you have a good design and you have a great SEO team as well. But, your blogs are not well-written or ineffective or lack quality, then what? Everything including your strategy, design and team would be of no use.

Wondering what went wrong if everything is right? It can be a host of things like the meta description or the alt-tags or the keywords. You need to make sure everything is perfect!

Moreover, through blogging, you do not have any kind of restriction. You have the power to reach the world! So make sure you give utmost importance to your blog as it is the backbone of your content marketing strategy.

Editor Bio – Ms Sahiba Sadana is a professional Content Editor and an avid literature reader. She is the Content Editor at Sharda University and a regular contributor to many websites. The editor is well-known for her Content Marketing skills.


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